Case Study: Full Service Solution

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The Challenge

As a world leader in serving the scientific community, Fisher Scientific needed a best-in-class partner who could collect, secure and pass Level 2 and 3 enhanced data via an integrated payment gateway to satisfy their large corporate buyer client requirements. In addition, they needed to deploy a full interchange management solution that effectively optimized their card acceptance while ensuring they exceeded customer requirements.

The Solution

As the only processor in Canada certified to process Level 2 and 3 data for the 3 major payment networks of Visa™, MasterCard™ and American Express™, BluePay Canada was able to leverage its proprietary technology and commercial interchange rates to provide a customized solution for Fisher Scientific.

As well as providing insight and expertise over the last 9 years, the products BluePay Canada has provided to Fisher Scientific have evolved to also include a full suite of commercial B2B payment solutions such as:

  • A tokenization solution to secure their sensitive customer data which reduced PCI-related costs
  • A gateway upgrade that includes L2/3 data fields to capitalize on greater interchange savings and satisfies larger corporate buyers
  • B2B specific acquiring for Visa™ & MasterCard™ which facilitates increased cash flow and decreases their average Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

Fisher Scientific and BluePay Canada have been proactive and innovative in the technology and data solutions they leverage, ensuring that each existing and new customer’s requirements are met efficiently and as part of a holistic strategic offering. A key element in the ability to provide meaningful recommendations is BluePay Canada’s on-going attention-to-detail in operational data reviews to ensure every transaction is optimized for efficiency and cost mitigation.

The Results

Being able to confidently address Level 2 &3 data requirements has helped advance Fisher Scientific’s offerings to new prospective customers as they continue to lead the science sector with an unmatched combination of innovative technologies, purchasing convenience and comprehensive support. It has also opened up the doors to previously unattainable government business that mandates the receipt of Level 3 data on all corporate purchases.

Implementing a proprietary interchange management solution while effectively finding efficiencies and areas for optimization also resulted in immediate savings of $250,000 annually through a significant reduction in average interchange costs.

“BluePay Canada has always been accessible, proactive and highly responsive. They have provided the teams at Fisher Scientific with sound information and expertise which has enabled us to make informed business decisions and successfully capitalize on opportunities.”

– Accounting and Taxation, Fisher Scientific

Do you need a responsive partner who can help find interchange management efficiencies while ensuring all data requirements are met? Contact BluePay Canada today.